Wednesday 5 November 2014

Exploit Children, Keep Nose In Trough

A compelling case was made in the Lancashire Evening Post yesterday.
Young people from across Lancashire want to see the Government reject standardised tobacco packs, following an event on the dangers of counterfeiting. 
The event was organised by Imperial Tobacco, a business that works with public sector organisations to tackle the illicit trade. The event explored how removing branding and logos would be a boost to counterfeiters who have no qualms about enticing young boys and girls into a life time of addiction.
No-one at all can argue with that!

So here's a thought. Why doesn't a state-funded lobby group whose only purpose is to justify its pointless existence with daft ideas like plain packaging - despite the complete lack of evidence - do the same kind of indoctrination scam for cheap publicity? Like, say, Tobacco Free Futures perhaps? Yes it would be transparently ludicrous and show them up as a bunch of desperate charlatans, but it would get a headline from lazy, unquestioning journalistic failures in the local press, wouldn't it?

Oh ... hold on.

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Dick_Puddlecote said...

The 17 year old quoted in the LEP article is a real innocent, it would appear.