Thursday 13 August 2015

Report Confirms 'Public Health' Has Lied For Years

To the surprise of precisely no-one, the self-work generating industry known as state-funded tobacco control is now trying to make up some old shit about why smoking should be banned in pub gardens.
The public smoking ban should be extended to beer gardens, al fresco eating areas of restaurants, parks, and outside school gates, a report says.

The Royal Society for Public Health said smoking should be seen as "abnormal" and more controls are needed to cover areas where people gather.
Where people gather? So, everywhere then.

As always, these rancid people try to tell us that they aren't attacking smokers, just smoking. But how much more insulting can you get than to use the word "abnormal" when talking about people consuming a legal product. People who, I hasten to add, pay 'public health's' entirely wasteful fucking wages.
The Society argued the 2007 smoking ban inside public places had been a huge success and encouraged thousands to quit.
Erm, but these disgusting liars insisted to us all eight years ago, and MPs too, that the ban was not about forcing people to quit smoking; that nothing could be further from the truth; that the idea was just a Big Tobacco scare story. All change now, eh?
Unlike the original smoking ban the focus is no longer on the dangers of second-hand smoke.
No. That'll be because it was never about second-hand smoke in the first place, nor has it ever been about health. It's just a bunch of disgusting anti-social maggots getting rich from taxpayer funding while inflicting unnecessary regulation and unemployment on the hospitality industry and making life generally ever more miserable. I do hope there is a hell because, if so, these people will rot in it for eternity.

It's not all that's changed either.
Its report said people needing a fix of nicotine should use e-cigarettes.
They and their colleagues have been arguing for years - some still do to this day - that a danger of e-cigs is that they "undermine the smoking ban", yet now they are saying that smokers should use e-cigs because of the ban. Once e-cigs were bad because they are used where smoking is banned; now they are saying e-cigs should be used where smoking is banned. They just make it up as they go along, don't they? Is it cos these vile little liars are now realising that people don't believe their disingenuous gobshitery about vaping anymore?

The entire RSPH report is basically an admission that the tobacco control industry has been blatantly lying for a very long time, so I suppose I should be welcoming it seeing as I've been saying as much since 2008. A more repugnant, mendacious, deceitful, insincere, cold, self-enriching, swindling, callous, fascistic profession it is difficult to imagine.

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