Sunday, 8 November 2015

Of Vapes And Virginia

A couple of videos have been doing the rounds on Twitter in the past couple of days that you may be interested in. Firstly, you may remember that the recent Battle of Ideas featured a debate on e-cigs entitled "Planet of the Vapes: why is there a war on e-cigarettes?", which was included in my review of the day here.

All sessions at the BoI were filmed and that particular one is now online to watch. So settle down after your Sunday bath with your favourite beverage (or several) and have a watch of the whole thing below.

Alternatively, if you don't fancy something of that length, here is an interesting 5 minute investigation by the Adam Smith Institute's Sam Bowman into the bizarre arrangement in Virginia whereby if you fancy a bottle of scotch, you have to buy it from the state government! Watch out for the awesome economics professor, so cool he could chill a bottle of Sauvignon in a few seconds.


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