Friday 5 February 2016

Smokefree South West Just Quit

Aww such a shame, how will we cope without Smokefree South West and their government lobbying government antics, eh? Via Simon Clark:
The BBC has this morning revealed that eleven councils in the south west are to stop funding the anti-smoking campaign group Smokefree South West which will close in June.
Looks like these councils have decided to cut out the middle man and just take advice from people they don't pay to come up with biased bullshit.

As you can imagine, I'm bereft. How on Earth will those in the south west survive without an entirely pointless tax-sponging organisation which was already a replication of others doing the same job? They'll be crying in the streets of Truro tonight and no mistake. Well actually they won't, most won't even notice.

We're all happier today ta, and without the miserable whining from Smokefree South West there are many in that area who will be far healthier for not having to listen to their crap.

What great news for a Friday, cheers!

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