Saturday 2 April 2016

"Just Leave Us Alone! Just Get Off Our Backs!"

Forget Ant & Dec or Back in the Room or whatever passes for Saturday evening TV these days, watch the 8 minutes or so of this instead.

Clive Bates was interviewed by online Canadian news outlet Regulator Watch recently, and went into a top rant. Here are a couple of great quotes.
"There's no reason at the moment to believe there is any harm associated with vaping" 
Well exactly. You have to seriously query the motives of anyone who states or hints otherwise, whichever side they are on.

But Clive's denouement was stand-up applause-worthy. Putting himself in the shoes of a smoker-turned-vaper, he let rip. Brilliantly.
"You told us to quit smoking. You taxed the pants off us; you've bullied us with your public information campaigns; you've racked up the stigma that we felt. You've tried to stop us using these products wherever we can. You've hit us with massive societal disapproval. Tobacco companies haven't done that, government and public health have done that.  
So we've done the right thing. We've got off smoking; we've protected our health; we produce a vapour which doesn't harm anyone; most people aren't troubled by it. 
Just leave us alone! Just get off our backs!"
Bravo! It's almost like, I dunno, it's never been about health. Isn't it?

Watch below and enjoy, because this is what advocacy should be like: Confident, forthright and pleasantly free of nitpicking and weasel words.

ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM - CLIVE BATES TALKS NICOTINE, HARM REDUCTION & PUBLIC HEALTHNicotine sits at the heart of the vaping debate as public health officials and regulators see it as the same old threat, while vapers believe it’s the indispensable ingredient to liberating the health benefits of e-cigarettes. Nicotine in e-juice provides the kick that allows many smokers to make the switch. But for some, it comes with vexed ethical questions and a measure of moral panic—it is the elephant in the room.In this episode of RegWatch hear from Clive Bates, former executive director of Action on Smoking and Health, the UK’s leading group in the war against smoking. Bates says nicotine in e-cigarettes is an opportunity not a threat. Find out why—only on RegWatch by by: Brent StaffordReleased on April 2, 2016

Posted by Regulator Watch on Saturday, 2 April 2016

It's important to remember who is - and has always been - the real enemy here. Public health and government. Everything else is fluff and nonsense.

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