Wednesday 1 June 2016

#LordsVapeVote Update And Its Origins

I recently highlighted a 'fatal motion' proposed by Lord Callanan to kick out the Statutory Instrument for a pretty awful EU Directive. The response so far has been very impressive. The petition is approaching 50,000 signatures and all the Lords have received a letter, with almost 40% having been contacted more than once at time of writing (Excel), If you haven't yet contributed, do follow the guide here as to how to go about it, it's surprisingly simple.

On a side note though, via the ASH emails, I'm sure those admirably writing letters to the Lords - otherwise known as "some e-cigarette users" - might like to see why they are having to do so.

Y'see, here's what ASH - in their capacity as lead of the Smokefree Alliance - sent to their supporters in February 2014 while vapers were trying to protect e-cigs from the vacuous and incompetent regulations now imposed by the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

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As is becoming clear, ASH has lobbied furiously for years - and continues to lobby furiously - in support of restrictions on vaping in the TPD. When, just under a month ago, the Lords rose almost in unison to condemn the TPD as "nonsense", "absolutely absurd", "madness" and "bonkers", it was ASH - who supported the absurd, mad, bonkers madness - who jumped quickest to try to silence the dissent.

There are now moves afoot at EU level by Conservative MEPs to challenge the validity of Article 20 and re-open the debate. On what we've seen so far, I presume we can expect ASH to frantically lobby against that too.

Who would bet against a circular email being sent out by ASH, as we speak, to Smokefree Alliance supporters and MPs urging them to write to the Lords and demand they vote against Lord Callanan's motion? It'd be short odds considering one of ASH's pet Lords - Lord Faulkner of their APPG - has declared his hand already.

Interesting times, huh?

The Lords vote is rumoured to be taking place next week, so if you don't want ASH and Ms Arnott's privileged position in the echelons of government to yet again ride roughshod over the public, do consider writing to your MP and MEP via this simple portal, and add another letter to the Lords like many others have already done by following the simple instructions here.

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