Wednesday 16 November 2016

Mascot Watch #33: The Tripping Over Edition

If you ever needed proof that politics has been turned upside down in the past couple of decades, this clip from the Victoria Derbyshire Show provides it.

Watch as Labour's Tristram Hunt - product of an elite private school and Cambridge - debates Donald Trump with our esteemed mascot, Conservative Philip Davies, who went to a state school and worked at Asda.

With the Emily Thornberry fiasco still in recent memory, our Phil makes this excellent observation.
There’s an awful lot of people in this country - and clearly in America - who feel under-represented. They’re called white working class people and actually the Labour party that was once set up to represent working class people are now a million miles away from that, they wouldn’t recognise a working class person if they tripped over one.
He's not wrong. sadly the modern Labour party sees working class people as just a mob who are there to look down on and boss about. It's notable that in the areas that we discuss on these pages, it is invariably Labour politicians who are most likely to ignore the voices of the public and just carry on with their overbearing bans and restrictions anyway, while obsessing on subjects which are entirely irrelevant to the working man and woman in the UK.

And Davies is right that it is not exclusive to Britain, a Democrat on Radio 5 the other day was bemoaning the fact that his party lost in working class areas of his state because "people here want jobs, a good wage so that they can afford a holiday and, eventually, to be able to retire with dignity; Democrats were more worried about which bathroom people should use.".

We are living in curious times. Do watch brusque northerner Phil in action against silver spoon-accented Hunt, and enjoy.

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