Monday 1 January 2018

Aussies, Watch This Space In 2018

So that's another Christmas out of the way, and we sail optimistically into 2018.

Hopefully, this year will be particularly good for Australians who have the misfortune of being governed by bovine shitgoblin politicians entirely hypnotised by some of the most extreme trouser-stuffing tobacco controllers in the world.

Following the monumental failure of plain packs, e-cigs containing nicotine are still banned Down Under, but pressure is growing. Neighbours New Zealand are in the process of legalising vaping, as is Canada, leaving Australia in the same category as basket case nations like Thailand, Mexico and a smattering of African banana republics who still prohibit them.

Australia has also recently held two inquiries into e-cigs, which saw overwhelming positivity from submissions apart from batshit crazies like Chapman, McKee and a no-mark physiotherapist from Lincoln.

In 2018, the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance is getting on board with a tour of the east coast of Australia, launching this month. See the short film below and go to for more info.

Happy New Year everyone. 

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