Friday, 27 November 2009


Sorry, I tried to resist, I really did. Honest. But it is Friday night.

Live sheep wheeled into Asda shop

Joe Lock, manager of the store, said: "We were shocked to discover that a poor sheep had been wheeled into our store."

As opposed to the millions of them who walk into their stores every day pushing a trolley?

Ba-boom tish.


Dominic Allkins said...

Surely you mean baa-boom??

Sorry - just couldn't resist that!!

JuliaM said...

I'd think rthey'd be happy - it was probably better behaved than most of their usual clientele!

von Spreuth. said...

I was doing some work as an asistant cook in a guest house in Llanferfechen, that specialised in hiking/walking tours, where the boss was an asshole PLUS.

The sheep from the local farm were allowed to graze on the land around the house.

One night, as we had all set up the guest room for the christmas dinner for the vict.... sorry GUESTS, along with the rest of the staff, I had a good few pipes of good old Paki black.

The manager was MOST surprised on christmas morning, to find that the sheep had found their way through the fire escape, and had eaten at least HALF the laid out salad bar, pushed most of the chairs over, and had shit all over the floor.

Mrs B? WE LOVED YOU REALLY you arse hole!

von Spreuth said...

That SHOULD, of course be;


Curmudgeon said...

The sheep from the local farm were allowed to graze on the land around the house.

Isn't that called a brothel in Wales?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm off to ASDA today - must remember to put my sheepskin jacket on!


Anonymous said...

Could be the start of a new trend in supermarket shopping. You know, like those seafood restaurants where you get to pick your own could go to the meat counter, pick the sheep you want the leg of lamb, shoulder from and ask the butcher throw in the kidneys as well.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Henry Crun: You mean a bit like this (from 6:20 onwards)? :-)