Thursday, 5 November 2009

Shake Some Air Today

There's something interesting going on in London today, so it's worth toddling up there if you are free.

If you do, please remember that Asian Avian Swine Bird Man Flu is something to be very scared of, so make sure you greet people in the correct manner.

Don't take a risk. Dispense with the shaking of hands and do the airshake instead.

Hands 10cm apart at all times. Remember that.

Just in case you are a bit unsure of how it works, here is an instructional video, courtesy of a Belgian phone company, to teach you the correct procedure (don't turn the speakers on unless you understand Flemish or are particularly fond of the Mexican Hat Dance)

If you ignored my advice and listened to the music, I will have no sympathy when it is still bouncing around your head at 5pm this afternoon.


Frank Davis said...

Oooh good. Shaking hands with people is becoming a subversive act.

Unknown said...

Have a good walk DP. Tory Bear will be with you all I see, strange bedfellows indeed.