Monday, 9 November 2009

Guy News And Paranoid Plod

Thursday's shenanigans featured on Guido's Guy News.

Related to this is a rather odd statement, released by the Met Police, according to The Register:

At approximately 12:40 on Thursday, 5 November, about 30 - 40 people went to the Palace of Westminster. Initially dressed as Guy Fawkes, the group was allowed access to Parliament once they had removed their costumes in line with rules governing access to the building.

They were admitted into the public gallery, as they were the year before when they attended.

Err, no we didn't. Last year it went something like this.

Pub - Parliament Square - Section 44 - Pub.

Is this a kind of Tetris Syndrome? So many of the buggers, that plod see them everywhere?

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