Thursday, 19 November 2009

That EU Referendum Has Ruined Ireland

Now they want a re-run every time something doesn't go their way.


Unknown said...

Now that's just plain mean DP...but if they had cried foul when they were ordered to have another referendum then they/we might not be in the shit they are in today.

Grandad said...

Classic!! Yiz have no sense of humour, BigYin. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The Irish have regularly had multiple referendums on the same topic.
Abortion and divorce being two.
Asking the question again doesn't have to change anyones answer, yet surprisingly opinions change or new information has been received and processed.
I guess for someone from a country with no constitution and therefore no call for referendums it is hard to understand, but peoples opinions change not to mention that occasionally the first time they vote, they vote for jedward just to piss people off.