Saturday, 7 November 2009

The Righteous Will Eat Themselves

More evidence (as touched upon here previously, more than once) that the righteous are eating each other up at an alarming rate. There are so many 'untouchable' causes now that they are getting in each other's way.

There is, however, the still voice of calm amidst the massed ranks of those on the left who hurl the racist tag around willy-nilly, and he would be David Osler.

TO DESCRIBE someone as an ‘Islamophobe’ is effectively to brand them an ugly and virulent racist, which is no small accusation for one leftist to throw at another. Yet that sort of thing seems par for the course on the major British far left blogs.

Lenin’s Tomb, for example, has no problem in carrying an article under the title ‘Tatchell and pink-veiled Islamophobia’, just in case anyone was unaware that the leading green left activist is a bit of a Nancy Boy on the quiet.

So, now the throwaway racism accusation is being directed at fellow lefties (and also straying into the realms of what would be described as homophobia if a non-socialist had headlined as such), one must wonder when they will begin to realise that such terms are being devalued precisely because of the left's fall back position of using them at every possible opportunity.

Even towards their own if it suits.

Osler's is a well thought-out piece brimming with common sense, so do go read it all. However, one can only surmise from the morass of kneejerk accusations which continue to spew forth from left-leaning blogs (elected representatives included), that his wisdom is an oasis amongst a seething pit of ignorant, poorly-considered polemics from blinkered indignants who are beginning to confuse themselves within the politically correct intricacy they have created.

But then, Osler isn't really one of 'them' (or the new kind, anyway) if he can write a para like this.

Leave me alone to drink until my liver packs up, sleep with whom I choose, listen to blues and jazz and follow a cranky health food diet, and don’t tell me what books I can and cannot read. And I’ll cut you the same kind of slack. Deal? Deal.

That could almost be directed at the Labour front bench, could it not?


Curmudgeon said...

One of the few pleasures left to us is having a laugh when various aspects of political correctness come into conflict with each other.

Oldham has a large Muslim community and a number of Muslim councillors. Their silence during Gay Pride Week was deafening...

It will all end in tears, I tell you!

g1lgam3sh said...

Yes it will all end in tears...bitter or sweet is our choice...we must resolve to be nice but do what has to be done...or something.

w/v: hopili...I shit you not :-)

Junican said...

But we notice that Osler did not say, "...and have a fag..." in his list of liberties. Presumably, he is not a 'PET' - 'a Person who Enjoys Tobacco'.
But he raises an interesting point. We all recognise the propaganda against tobacco, alcohol and obesity. How many of us have recognised the potential propaganda against books?

banned said...

This process whereby all revolutions eat themselves is at hand for the righteous and PC brigade in many ways. The recent furore about teachers labelling 6 year olds 'racist' was the result of it.
Teachers are at the forefront of political correctness and deserve no sympathy now that, having scared the general population from acting in any way that might be perceived as " racist ", they must now find evidence of it among their pupils so as to fill up the compulsory " racist incident " log book ( failure to do so resulting in they themselves being accused of " being in denial " or even being closet racists themselves ).
When that is insufficient to prove their zeal and loyalty to the cause they will be expected to find evidence of 'racism' among their colleagues and thus go accusing each other all the way to the re-education gulag. That will be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

"Racist" ...

Can someone remind me?

What race is Islam? Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nigeria all have more muslims than any Middle East country.

tomsmith said...

Reading the comment thread after that article was like being in some weird alternate universe.

I need to read more lefty blogs because I really do not understand the mindset