Thursday, 5 November 2009

A Wii Problem? Don't Think So

Children are being handed Nintendo Wiis to play on at school if they can't be bothered to turn up for traditional PE.

Err ... when did it become voluntary?

Youngsters who deliberately leave their football or rugby kit at home to dodge the games lessons are being allowed to play with the consoles instead

Make them do PE in their undies then. That should soon sort out the con artists.

Do I have to think of everything?


bayard said...

"Make them do PE in their undies then"

You can't do that, it goes against the sacred "assumption that kids are made of glass" you mentioned earlier. Why not give them all Wiis?

JuliaM said...

"Err ... when did it become voluntary?"

Og, god, has it? Is this what we've come to now, they get to choose whether they do PE?

Why do we bother with schools at all?

Mark Wadsworth said...

I'm against handing out Wii's, but frankly, school PE is a complete waste of time, PE teachers are all mentally retareded and the kids would be better served with an extra lesson of spelling or maths or something.

Unknown said...

I will never forget the one occasion I used the excuse that I'd forgotten my PE kit to get off PE, two very painful whacks on the arse with a plimsoll from the PE teacher. Today’s view is that I would have been traumatised for life unless given immediate remedial counselling, and the teacher would justly deserve dismissal from the profession and prosecution. Looking back, however, I learned a valuable lesson from someone I remember as an excellent teacher, which has served me well throughout life.

Don’t bunk off from duties or responsibilities.

I wonder what life enhancing lessons today’s students learn when their reluctance to attend PE is rewarded by allowing them to play Nintendo?

Von Spreuth. said...

I can PROUDLY say, from 10 years old to leaving school at 17, I NEVER took partz in a "P.E" lesson". NEVER!

Did it harm my health?

I played murder ball for the army, and passed my B.F.T every time first go, and was able to run around the Falklands.

"P.E lessons" are just an excuse for queer teachers (Which appears to be MOST of them) to exercise their wrists at the sight of wee boys in shorts playing with their balls. (Same as football. Same purpose. More vouyers).

Fidothedog said...

So on the one hand we have the health ads telling us that the kids are turning into fat lard buckets.

Then we can not even force them to do exercise.

Joe said...

What happened to the lost property box?? I only forgot my PE kit once, and had to wear some shorts that looked like they'd been around since the time Hanibal crossed the Alps

Little Black Sambo said...

Once at my school a boy who had forgotten his shorts had to do PE naked.

BTS said...

Leaving their kit at home?

They should get some balls and just bunk off for a spliff. Fucking pantywaists..