Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Official: Political Abuse Is OK

It was abuse, but it wasn't racially-motivated.

An Asian man who was accused of calling Nick Griffin a “white b*****d” as he drove past him has been cleared of racially threatening behaviour.

The defendant, who admitted calling Mr Griffin a “f****** w*****”, smiled in triumph as the jury returned their verdict after deliberating for 45 minutes at the end of a three day trial.

So, the abuse was real. It was vitriolic and offensive to the recipient (allegedly). But, and it is a big 'but', it wasn't racially-motivated.

It was, therefore, personally or politically motivated, as the defendant's own defence testimony admits.

He also told him to “get the f*** out of Burnley” telling him: “You are not welcome here.”

This is very important. Abuse of politicians is now perfectly acceptable as long as you don't stray onto racial lines.

There is now a precedent ... how very convenient.

Right. Now that's sorted, let's talk about a grubby Labour cunt.

Mary Honeyball Glories In UK Subservience

On the one hand we have Iain Dale slavishly falling into line with a quite useless Tory party ...

... on the other, we have Labour MEP, Hairy Moneyball, glorying in the fact that the UK has no say in anything anymore.

Let me remind Mr. Cameron that the UK is fully signed up to the three issues he seeks to get rid of (see the relevant extracts from his speech set out below). Undoing EU agreements once have been concluded by all the member states has no real precedent in the EU and, as Mr Cameron has to admit, his attempts to unpick EU agreements would need the support of all the 26 other EU member states. Does David Cameron really think this is going to happen?

Hairy correctly points out that I, as an employer, am now beholden not to a UK government on employment law, but to an unelected EU commission.

She also highlights that I, as a UK citizen, am now not part of a British justice system, but a Europe-wide one operated from Brussels.

Hairy finds it all quite funny, in a party political kind of way.

I find it rather distasteful that such a situation should be foisted on us at all. I find Moneyball's triumphalism retch-inducing considering her party contrived to mislead the public at the 2005 general election with a number of promises that they had no intention of delivering.

Hairy just thinks it's a bit of a laugh.

For the record, that makes Hairy a disgusting, anti-democratic, treacherous fucking wanker.


Leg-iron said...

What is most shocking is that they did it all to get one-up on the Tories.

There's no question of 'benefit to the country'. It's just a bloody game to them.

I wonder if she's ever played a game of chess where the pieces decide they've had enough and turn on the players. Something like that must surely be on the way now.

JuliaM said...

"There is now a precedent ... how very convenient."

Handy for today, of all days... :D

banned said...

" so F*** off ( name your MP ). you are not welcome in ( name your town )" is now legitimate political debate ? Nice.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The EU Commission were supposed to resign on 31 October 2009 at the end of their 5-year term and new ones be chosen, but they decided they enjoyed it so much, they are just going to keep going.

All very unconstitutional, even by their own standards.

bayard said...

Mark, sounds very similar to Hitler and, well, any dictator you care to name, really....

Anonymous said...

So Can I call coloured politicains Bl&&k Ba%%Ar$ now then? would i get away with that?

Anonymous said...

So Can I call coloured politicains Bl&&k Ba%%Ar$ now then? would i get away with that?