Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Beggaring Belief

How embarrassing is that? While looking for a link about Happy Hours being potentially banned by this Government, I came across articles from Japan, India and Ireland laughing at us.

Here's the Daily Mail story.

A Department for Health spokeswoman said research on the issue had been commissioned but was unable to comment on any planned announcements.

Perhaps the outrage was too big to allow the Government-funded Alcohol Concern to carry on with their crap. (Note: I am guessing they are Government-funded as it is usually the case - I am a betting man and reckon it's odds on that I'm correct).

Personally, I didn't see any research, nor was I asked for my input. Normal stuff.

But what have we HERE from Old Holborn?

So not only have the shits already excluded themselves from the Health Act legislation, they are now quite happy to discount heavily for themselves while talking about denying pubs (who they have decimated in the past 18 months) doing the same to save their businesses ... err ... which have been screwed by Government incompetence.

Have we ever been governed by anything worse than this lot?

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