Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Dear Santa ...

Dear Santa,

I'm turning in soon and will have my stocking at the end of the bed. I would have put it above the chimney but it could pose a fire risk which health & safety have told me is a no-no, I hope you understand.

It will mean that you have to climb the stairs to my bedroom. My partner is in the bed with me so I'd advise you to notify the police before your visit, in case an anonymous passer-by reports you as a sex pest.

It also means that you will have to deposit your kind gifts to the bedrooms of my two children. Obviously, this means that you will be left unattended with them, so could you please make sure that you have your enhanced CRB clearance with you before entry. If you do not yet have one, don't worry, it only takes about 3 months to come through once you have paid your £36 fee and filled in the necessary documentation.

The kids have both asked for Doctor Who stuff, but as you know, these are licenced products from the BBC so I hope you have their permission before your elves start running off thousands of Dalek voice-changing helmets. We are living in litigious times so it's best to make sure the paperwork is in order.

I understand that you may like to park your sleigh on the roof, but I'd advise against it as if you loosen a tile which falls off and hits someone, I will get sued and I will blame you to save my own finances. Best park it somewhere on the street but please remember that some areas are permit-holders only, so you could face a £50 fine if in the wrong bay (£30 if paid to the council within 14 days).

I have to remind you that the Government recently brought out rules on how to treat pets, so please make sure your reindeer don't appear distressed. The Government say that they won't levy a fine, but the RSPCA will use the guidelines to bring a prosecution against you. I wouldn't like you to go through that seeing as you are giving us loads of stuff for nothing. Just be careful, that's all.

I usually leave you some sherry and a couple of mince pies, but you seem to be a bit obese which we are told is very wrong, so it'll just be a couple of Ryvitas this year if that's OK. Oh yeah, and the sherry isn't happening either. Firstly, you're driving which means you will definitely kill someone and lose your job and vehicle according to the advert on the telly, and secondly, I'm sure other, less responsible, people will be leaving you all manner of alcoholic beverages which will put you over your limit of 21 units per week. I'll leave you a carrot smoothie instead.

Sorry, I digress. Once parked on the street, you can access the chimney by erecting your scaffolding to the side of the house. Sorry, you're not allowed to use a ladder to go above the first floor, health and safety has decreed it. It's scaffolding or you will be closed down. The scaffold and platforms will probably need to be inspected by a council employee so please make sure you give them a call first.

Having got the smallprint out of the way, here's what I want for Christmas, my porky friend.

Please, please, PLEASE can we have an end to this hysterical nannying nonsense next year?

On your way back to Lapland, could you please drop something big and heavy, and preferably explosive, on the Palace of Westminster? And if you do, I should be most grateful if you could shout "Ho, ho, bloody ho!" as you do it.


(Merry Christmas everyone)


vincent1 said...

What a great Xmas eve tale lol
How sad it is though, the underlying message.
I will drink to your Xmas wishes too. I always go out xmas eve, but I have no interest either this year. Let us all hope next year will be more sensible.
Merry xmas Dick and thankyou for your great blog.
mandyv for smokers and no-smokers alike, fighting for choice and TRUTH.
It would be great if you could make it here -
1st World Conference Against Prohibition: "Smoking Bans and Lies"
Brussels, at the European Parliament Building, 27/28 January, 2009

vincent1 said...

After reading your article, this came into my head -
Please do not put it into your blog, if it does not sound right (on the baileys at home tonight).

Dear Santa,
It will not be too long, before, you get the sack,
No longer, will you carry sacks on your back,
The PC, brigade are watching you know,
You need to slim down, you are too fat to show,
They will airbrush your pictures, of your former, self,
Confined to old videos, left on the shelf.
The eyes in the skies, will be out Xmas eve,
Delivering your presents, you have children to please,
But the PC brigade will be gunning for you,
For the children of course, because that’s what they do.
Your stories will change, for each generation,
Depending on who, is running the nation,
When you’ve slimmed down, and your transport has changed,
That will not be enough, for antis, derranged

Ho ho ho -

AloneMan said...

Fantastic !