Friday 7 September 2012

Be Off With You, Bartlett!

Via the excellent AboutMyArea/MK11, here's some interesting news to toast at gin o'clock this evening.
June Payne has won the by-election held yesterday, 6th September, in Stony Stratford, and will now represent the South-West Ward on the Town Council.

June won by a clear margin, receiving 260 votes, while her closest rival received just 41.
Her not-so-close rival being?
Results in full;

- June Payne: 260
- Paul Bartlett: 41
- Pete Thornburgh: 32
- Dick Bailey: 17
Quite a surprising result, eh? Who thought he'd get as many as 41 votes!

And so it would seem the final curtain has now come down on the bizarre car crash that was Councillor Herr Bartlett in Stony Stratford. You can read highlights of the saga at the Stony tag.

In some respects, I'll quite miss writing about the daft coot. Comedy like his doesn't usually write itself so readily.


SteveW said...

Good riddance to the authoritarian, puritanical idiot.
Maybe something of a pyrrhic victory, as whomever replaces him is never going to be such an obvious figure of ridicule.

philhandyman24-7 said...

Hahahahahaha-I wondered how long it would take you to see that the SS BIsmark had finally sunk without trace DP !
A tribute to the fool (quite apt methinks :) )

…Zaph said...

Oh, payback is a bitch, ain't it Paul?

Don't let the door hit your arse on the way out, eh? :)