Saturday 10 November 2012

Link Tank 10/11

Is marginal utility kicking in for the internet?

Plain packaging will lead to stronger tobacco brands

Legalising marijuana in Washington and Colorado could be a game-changer

Meanwhile, Los Angeles says goodbye to the porn industry

James Bond drinks Heineken because it is 'healthy', apparently

Science for hire: Same study appears to advocate two different alcohol control drugs

The living wage is an economic mirage

The future of sex lies with robots

New study says it's not just fast food - all restaurants are bad for kids

Australia's mandatory internet filter plan is killed off

The newly-discovered meat-eating sponge

Drunken elephants


Curmudgeon said...

Hyperlink missing for "Is marginal utility kicking in for the internet?"

Dick_Puddlecote said...

No, that's just a question I was asking as there wasn't a lot of interest around this week.

sillyusername said...

Did you read the comments on the all restaurants are bad for you link. Really, what is the matter with these people. Most of us go out to eat occasionally, unless we are American, but who counts them. For crying out loud a restaurant visit is a special occasion. You are supposed to enjoy it, indulge a little, have a nice time, not count the fu****g calories. I give up, really, give up, do these freaks not understand the concept of a nice time? Silly question, of course they don't.