Saturday 17 November 2012

Link Tank 17/11

And still they keep coming.

We would be miles better if we tore down traffic lights

Maryland school calls child protection over 10 year old taking the bus

Why mandatory condom use isn't the best way to protect porn stars

The deadly crusade against e-cigs

The world's largest KFC opens in ... Azerbaijan?

Spanish scientists crack the vital secret of how to ensure better beer bubbles

Mathematicians identify a more effective way of aircraft boarding

Is it McDonald's or is it Burger King?

Pop music has become slower, longer and moodier in the last 50 years

"Religion versus gender versus human rights and businesses in Ontario"

Look at the legs on that, on that, on that ...


SadButMadLad said...

Mythbusters found the best method of getting on a plane. And not by modeling, but by actually being a load of people and actually trying out 7 different methods. Modeling is fake science as shown by the climate models which aren't that good at forcasting. Mythbusters answer was counterintuitive but was noticeably faster than the others. They also took into account customer satisfaction.

Subrosa said...

I disagree about pop music. It's not become slower, longer or moodier but pedestrian and inaudible. Little innovation around and it's a struggle to find a proper melody. Am I sounding like a Beatles fan?