Saturday 2 February 2013

Link Tank 02/02

And now for something not remotely different.

Cuba ready to end the 50 year ban on professional boxing

Is Bloomberg the Machiavelli of our time?

Health Canada and Canadian Lung Association bizarrely want to kill people

Paternalism goes fizzy pop

Man bites dog! South Australia considers relaxing a ban on wine in supermarkets

The Fawlty Towers that is the BBC

Beer: Is there nothing it can't do?

Clicking online ads 182 times more likely to infect your compute than porn

Seven dangerous myths about weight loss

Lost homing pigeons

And an older link well worth a read ...

A glimpse of our temperance future from a century ago?

1 comment:

prog said...

Aka Aussia wine

"The idea with this is that a person who might be buying some chops or some vegetables for their evening meal can also pick up a bottle of wine in the same place.

"There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that that sort of person is displaying irresponsible consumption of alcohol.

Always assuming that one person doesn't quaff the whole bottle in one session, which (let's face it) is probably a real possibility for single Australian wine connoisseurs. Including Sheilas, though to be fair they probably don't become as violent on a skin full (might be wrong about that...).