Wednesday 20 February 2013

Shoot-Out At The Chemist

Mrs P earlier sent me a picture of a scene which would give a pharma marketing exec nightmares if they were to see it.

Once the sole domain of patches, gum and other profitable - but expensive and useless - cessation products, her chemist counter now sells "20 cigarettes for £2"! (click to enlarge)

Note the smartly presented e-cigs prominently displayed on the counter at eye level, while NiQuitIn's battered empty box is relegated to the floor.

E-cigs are in your backyard, pharma. It's a turf war!


Richard said...

Now that is interesting.

My local chemist has a poster in the window advertising the e-cigs that they sell. It's an independent rather than part of a chain.

I'm surprised the local MSP hasn't condemned them yet.

timbone said...

My local Tesco has ecigs on the pharmacy counter

emma2000 said...

I attended the hospital today and they were selling the e cigs in the shop there, also told at my Drs. surgery that I could use one there while I had a two hour wait after a glucose test. They are fighting a losing battle I think.

jaycas said...

...and just look at their 'glitzy' packaging :)