Thursday 14 March 2013

Congrats Frankie

So, we have a new Pope, then. Time for Cardinals to celebrate a job well done.

... And also with you
Image courtesy of this lot, from where I know not, and posted for no other reason than I thought you might like it.

It brings to mind this article by Andrew Brown from 2010.
Persistent reports over the last few years indicate that Pope Benedict XVI enjoys an occasional cigarette – Marlboro Red, it is claimed – in quiet moments, away from prying cameras. 
During World Youth Day in Australia in 2008, a bodyguard claimed that the Holy Father had smoked three cigarettes in quick succession. To think of the Pope enjoying a relaxing draw on a King Size cigarette packed with smooth Virginia tobaccos… it only makes me admire him more.
Amen, I say. Amen.


jtpjc said...

We have white smoke!

jaycas said...

Coming from a very po-faced Protestant church (think more dour version of Gordon Brown!), I used to be delighted to go to the weddings of Catholic friends to see the priests enjoying themselves - by God they could put it away!

c777 said...

Reminds me of Dave Allen.

Andrew Witcombe-Small said...

Re: the caption, actually it's "and with your spirit" in the new translation of the Mass, more accurately reflecting the oriiginal Latin "et cum spiritu tuo".