Monday 25 March 2013

The Stuff Of Prohibitionist Nightmares

BBFC guidance: Contains scenes of gratuitous fast food eating, references to alcohol, and cracking legs.

Lord, I hope some burger company replicates this kind of thing here. There would be the possibility of health lobby heads literally exploding like something out of Scanners.


JonathanBagley said...

That's made me so hungry.

Carpe Zytha said...

Ich habe hunger, Heidi

c777 said...

Well I reckon, she'll still look good in one of the blue chairman Mao boiler suits. We are going to have to wear soon;

Whilst we spend an afternoon drinking carrot juice, eating minced turnip and spiced potato burgers.

Under the shadow of a wind farm, pure Kafkaesque.

c'mon everybody...........

Kumbaya my lord Kumbaya blah blah blah.