Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Grier On E-Cigs

It's another busy week in Puddlecoteville so I have little time to write at the moment. So instead, I have a treat for you from elsewhere.

Writing at The Ümlaut, Jacob Grier provides an exceptional commentary on the current shameful and fraudulent campaign by tobacco haters to try and discredit e-cigs. Here are a couple of snippets.
Time was public officials and anti-smoking activists offered evidence of harm before imposing new restrictions on personal behavior. Advocates for bans on actual smoking in bars and restaurants made their case with studies indicating that long-term exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke was harmful to the health of hospitality workers. They sometimes went overboard with the alleged dangers, but at least they were trying. Today’s effort to extend bans to e-cigarettes is based on little more than the fact that they sort of look like the real thing. 
There is a better way. Innovations in manufacturing, distribution, and advertising are what brought about the cigarette’s domination, and innovation is what can finally end it. In a competitive market many users will choose mostly harmless vapor, some will continue to use patches and gums, others will stick to cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, and still others will prefer more flavorful cigars and pipes. Though falling short of the smokefree America desired by many, this would result in massive improvements in health and happiness. But only if consumers have the choice—a choice that today’s anti-smoking movement is determined to take away.
It's a very well-written and easy-to-read piece - perfect to share with friends and family who may still be unaware or confused about the palaver surrounding e-cigs.

I would highly recommend anyone to go read the whole thing.

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