Saturday, 1 June 2013

Link Tank 01/06

Saturday's selection box.

Starbucks in the US have decided they own 25 feet of pavement outside their shops

Low taxes and fewer rules are popular

Whips and chains, the secret of a happy relationship

What science is for: A robot which predicts when you want beer and pours it for you

Mum and daughter seek father and son for fun times

Mongolia welcomes the Colonel

Highland Council proposes all drinks to be served in plastic glasses

The decline and fall of the liberal empire

The Gin and Tonic:The summer blockbuster of mixed drinks

Lego branches into schooling

Just your average pigeons solving puzzles on a touchscreen


Rursus said...

So Starbucks banning an alkaloid (nicotine) and sells another one (caffeine).... But that caffeine us boilded up with toilette water?
Are they insane?

MarkWadsworth said...

Re Texas, their tax system illustrates the general rule that lower taxes on profits and wages combined with (slightly) higher taxes on land values achieves exactly what you would expect to happen, namely Good Things.