Tuesday 2 July 2013

Only Government Is Allowed To Mislead

Regular readers may remember my pointing out, in January, a PETA advert as a perfect example of the slippery slope which tobacco control tax spongers say doesn't exist.
Myth #7: It may be tobacco today but other consumer products will follow. 
FACT: Tobacco is not like any other product.
Sadly, PETA hasn't read the script
Well, it appears that the ad has now been banned.
Animal rights campaigners in Britain have been forbidden to use a billboard campaign showing a child smoking a cigar, which warns that eating meat increases the risk of cancer. 
Warning the advertisement was “misleading”, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said claims that eating any kind of meat increased the risk had not been “proven beyond doubt”.
I take it from this that the ASA will be equally dismissive of misleading claims being promoted by other absurd evangelical extremists ... like the Department of Health.
It is still facing a rebuke, however, for a separate NHS Smoke Free campaign after 18 complaints it was misleading. The veracity of the claim: “When you smoke, the chemicals you inhale cause mutations in your body and mutations are how cancer starts.  Every 15 cigarettes you smoke will cause a mutation. If you could see the damage you’d stop” is to be investigated to determine if it can be substantiated.
But then, being consistent would waste £2.7m of taxpayer receipts, wouldn't it? So best they don't go there, eh?

In 21st century Britain, some raving lunatics are far more equal than others. 

Further reading: What normally happens when you complain about government adverts to the ASA, however clear cut the misdirection may be


c777 said...

Their a nation within a nation.

JonathanBagley said...

I think they did slightly change the 15 cigs/mutation ad eventually, maybe anticipating the outcome or to prevent more complaints.