Thursday 25 July 2013

Savage Public Sector Cuts Spotted In The South West

Those cuts to public services must be having a massive debilitating effect! This was spotted by an observant fellow jewel robber at the Avon Gorge Hotel on Tuesday.

So strapped for cash are NHS South West that they are relegated to having to suffer midweek dinners in the squalid surroundings of a £120 a night hotel; forced to eat such horrific dishes as 'pan-fried sea bream'; with only a slim chance of escape.
For those that want a little more space, The Clifton Room can open out onto the private terrace area of the hotel.
Just imagine 50 of the poor sods crammed into that hellish outdoor area in this bright summer sunshine, eh? No free Prosecco Drinks Reception (when you book in July or August) can possibly compensate for that!

See, this is what happens when public employees are restricted to a Tuesday dinner budget of around £1,250 plus sumptuous drinks. That there austerity is brutal, isn't it?

(Almost as inhumane, in fact, as the alcohol-hating BMA being strong-armed into week-long whisky tasting tours.)


Steve Perrett said...

I'm sure it's all in the interests of our health!

Oh the tragedy said...

DP, it brought tears to my eyes. The poor bastards having to
function under such oppressive conditions is too much to bear. And all the
while these poor bastards are only thinking of how they can Save® those
pathetic, addict Smokers™. Surely the government can find them more funding from somewhere, something that will allow the poor bastards fine dining and accommodation to which they are accustomed…….. at least a £700-a-night hotel. Did I mention "poor bastards"?

woodsy42 said...

What we need to know is how many sneaked out to the terrace afterwards for a smoke?

RAB said...

Well woodsy, I seem to remember with some mirth, that the BMA, who habitually held their annual beanfeast in Dublin, cancelling Dublin and booking somewhere else the year Ireland brought the smoking ban in. Er... because they weren't allowed to smoke in comfort. Tee Hee!

I was on that terrace only last week, not at a private function but via the White Lion bar. Great place, great views and the booze prices aren't extortionate. The wife and I were showing blog commentator John Galt around Bristol.