Sunday, 1 December 2013

The First Indoctrinated Vaper?

Via the Economist, it looks like the incessant pharma-defending lies by tobacco control industry dinosaurs and the ignorant, anti-social intolerants they pander to may be having an effect on some vapers.
terrestri Nov 29th, 18:44 
As a vaporer myself, I see no reason not to enjoy them in the terminal, and have never been asked to stop by anyone, although I do get funny looks sometimes. Indeed at DFW and many other airports in the US stores happily sell them to people within the terminal at places like Hudson News and more. 
However, on aircraft, even though it's not really "smoking", some people's e-cigarettes have utterly disgusting "flavors" that are very smelly and annoying, especially when they just keep puffing away endlessly right next to you for hours. 
I do not abuse them, prefer to do it out of the sight of others (like the bathroom) seldomly and with non-flavored stuff so as to not annoy my fellow travelers. 
Unfortunately, the rest of humanity often is not respectful, either willingly or ignorantly. Therefore they will be eventually outright banned, and I can't say I'd protest. Nobody will put up with the mixture of endless smells of cotton candy from the left, red hots from the right, and expired chocolate from behind on an international flight. It's nauseating.
It's an easily recognisable attitude, most recently seen during Radio 5's vox pops of smokers outside a northern hospital when asked about NICE's recommendations for bullying smokers on NHS open spaces last Wednesday (and I quote, from here).
"Why come out for a smoke, why do you need a cigarette that much?"
"Because I'm addicted to smoking" 
"You're on the street outside the hospital, not in a smoking shelter at the moment, why is that?"
"Erm, smoke going back into hospitals, I don't want to be too close"
"But you're inhaling yourself, you obviously need to smoke still"
"Yeah, I'm addicted but nobody else should suffer cos of my addiction"
After swallowing every piece of wildly exaggerated tobacco control propaganda on offer, smokers self-shaming - even when being courteous and avoiding others - is a sad facet of modern life. Quite the opposite of the argument you'll have heard from many a smoke-hater that anyone using tobacco is champing at the bit to smack them in the mouth if asked to be courteous with their smoke.

So now - after the recent whirlwind of hysteria, misinformation and denormalisation tactics towards e-cigs - are we seeing the first ever vaping self-shamer too? Or do you reckon this could be another psycho anti-smoker in disguise?

You decide.


Tony Hand said...

"champing at the bit to smack them in the mouth.."

Lol, that would be me then.

Tom said...

It is probably a paid anti-smoker commenter faking himself as a vaper in order to make it sound like all vapers feel the same and putting words into vapers' mouths, same way they did to smokers. They pay professional people, students, others, to infiltrate, pretending to be one of the smokers/vapers, then skew opinion, hoping to affect public sentiments.
Vaping steam doesn't smell the way I understand it, except for a few designed to have an aromatic aroma. So that right there tells me, someone paid from the anti-smoking industry is the one who is making that up, in order to start the thought process going in the public mind, to perceive vaping as "smelly" - same as they did with aromatic tobacco smokes.
Furthermore, someone smells colognes, perfumes and deodorants of all sorts, along with food smells of various types mixed together whenever in public. So trying to hard sell the idea that a cacophony of aromas is going to become untolerable is just pre-conditioning public sentiment, before demanding public vaping be banned, the same step by step plan the anti-smoking industry applied against smoking.

westcoast2 said...


Dick_Puddlecote said...

Old school, you. ;)

Dick_Puddlecote said...

It was my first thought too. I was about 70% sure it was a false flag post but the reaction on Twitter amongst vapers is that they've all met someone like this. Not so sure now.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

It's a yank.

Jax said...

Oh dear. Does that make me a "smokerer?"

Jax said...

I’d still go along with the anti theory. Because, of course, many vapers are indeed
also antis. So it wouldn’t be hard to
convince a willing anti (whether they vape or not) to shove in a comment or two
showing how “even vapers themselves support the ban/regulations/restrictions”
etc, would it? It worked against
smokers, after all, so why should Tobacco Control change their methods? They aren’t exactly renowned for their
originality of ideas, are they? Look at
how often the old “for the sake of the cheeldren” or “the economic costs of
smoking” or “smoking causes …” are wheeled out these days with little more than
a superficial makeover in their efforts to try (usually unsuccessfully, these
days) to ramp public hysteria up to the glory days of yore. The only thing, of
course, is that when the trick was used against smokers, none of us saw it
coming or even realised what was going on until it was too late. “Astroturfing” and all its associated
machinations just wasn’t something many of us had come across before. Second time around, we’re all wise to the
trick and can see it for what it is (hence our immediate assumption in response
to this comment).

I just hope, for their own sakes, that vapers don’t have
such short memories that they have forgotten how this tactic was used against
them (when, presumably, they were still real smokers), and thus overlook the
opportunity to rebuff – loudly and in large numbers - any such insinuations as
soon as they appear. It’s a concern,
though, that if a person is feeble-minded enough to be convinced by all the
antis’ tricks to give up smoking and switch to vaping, they are likely to be just
as vulnerable to the same tactics being used against them in respect of vaping.

Jumping Jack Flash said...

Lets kick the pussy footing about Vaping into touch.
Vapers are basically spineless runners who gave up the fight for choice and
thought they could avoid the attention of the PharmaStooges
Did the clowns think The Drug Barons would allow 1.3 million to shrink away from their lucrative NRT bonanza (Nicotine Replacement Treatments)
Did these Vanilla Pansies think they could suck away into oblivion
Did these Numpties assume the Politburo would stand back and see
£5 million PER DAY be lost in taxes ,up in fruit flavouered steam.
Simple solution,stop playing doormats ,tear up the rule books and have a go
at kicking out
Points to ponder on
Group of Yonners outside Wetherspoons,under an umberella , VAPING
Struggling North Cheshire Pub Landlady,pub on last legs,
BLAMES the Breathalyser for her trade slump ?????????????????
Best thing for those shrivveled up maggots who refuse to stand up and fight

Ania said...

I would be willing to bet my favorite mod that this "yank" is an anti stooge. Nobody on the US side of the pond calls himself a vaporer! We're vapers. And proud of it, btw!

SteveW said...

Nothing like an inaccurate generalisation to totally miss the point...
As a vaper I have probably done more than you to hassle and harangue those in power to repeal the smoking ban and not press on with plain packaging, as well as forcing the BBC (as well as Sheffield University's ScHARR) to backtrack over claims about MUP for alcohol and assorted other broadcast inaccuracies, but in your eyes I'm basically a 'spineless runner'?

I always thought it was the government who went for the divide and rule thing, rather than the people dividing themselves - people like you would make me question my support for ideas in which I had no vested interest, if it wasn't for the fact that I actually believe in freedom.