Friday 10 April 2015

Baseless Californian E-Cig Propaganda

Via my long-standing NorCal fellow jewel robber, David G, I thought you might like to see an example of the absurd propaganda Tobacco Free California is pumping out about e-cigs.

In his words, these ads are being aired "nightly/hourly on nearly all networks/channels daily, produced by taxpayer funds of $75 million", mostly as a result of some 'public health' lunatic - aptly called Chapman - equating harm reduction to an 'outbreak or epidemic'!

There is, of course, no scientific or epidemiological basis for this scaremongery whatsoever.

Fortunately, this was spotted early by a grass roots vaper who supplied an equal and opposite campaign site which messed up their social media efforts, and was therefore then promptly described as being industry-backed by a vacant journalist. Such is life when dealing with anti-smoking cretins and their useful idiots.

Always remember that we're on the side of the angels here, won't you? It's Chapman and his ilk who will be toasting on a pitchfork someday if there is any justice in this world.

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