Saturday 11 April 2015

Link Tank 11/04

Still finding work for idle click-fingers.

Public Health's mirror image delusion - that everyone is as guilty as them

More scientists doubt the reported dangers of salt

Could there be anything more cruel than trans activists experimenting on children?

How to write a bullshit anti-vaping article (pic)

The general election explained with Lego

Schoolchildren banned from running in the playground

Russia unveils new state-funded fast food chain

How much ice you need to cool your beer, according to maths

Los Angeles bans homeless people living in cars, but only at night

Porn broke two police computers in China

Giant killer goldfish


truckerlyn said...

As I have said before, sadly journalism today is rife with lazy hacks who just jump on the bandwagon of these scaremongering lunatics! Unlike to old days when most journalists relished the fact finding missions to get at the truth!

gotsteam said...

And I have said before as to the angel side of things, the truth can not be on both sides.
Because of the intimate relationship of truth and history, these anti-smoking cretins and their useful idiots are also going to be forever remembered as an enemy and road block to the health of millions that suffer from lung disease and the projected billion that will die in this century from tobacco related diseased due to cigarette smoking.

Edward Palmer said...

Re no running in the playground - Chav names are fun aren't they? Diesel Sparkes in particular - it's a pity the one thing diesel doesn't need for combustion is a spark!

Vinny Gracchus said...

The irony is that they have such a weak argument that they must resort to extreme propaganda and quell all dissent. Unfortunately the media and consequently the masses fail to see this political reality.