Sunday, 31 May 2015

Glenis Willmott Is A Massive Hypocrite

Crocodile tears don't get any more disgusting than this.

Willmott is an MEP who was a Brussels Labour party representative on the EU ENVI committee which passed the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD). By her stubborn dismissal of the thousands who petitioned Labour MEPs to rethink the issue, and her actions in voting in favour of the TPD, she ensured that every e-cig which effectively helps people to switch from smoking will be illegal next year.

Even ASH have recognised the benefits of e-cigs, with their new research estimating that there are now 1.1 million ex-smokers as a result of vaping. Willmott's retarded approach to the issue can only have the effect of ensuring that millions of UK smokers will continue to enjoy tobacco instead of e-cigs. Willmott is staunchly in the quit or die camp when it comes to smoking, with her stated preference being for you to die if you don't bow down and use products made by global pharmaceutical industries. As such, she is the very last person in the world to weep about lung cancer.

It's interesting to note that - for someone whose remit is health and who is a representative of the UK - she chose to copy the virulently anti e-cigarette, junk science spouting American @AshOrg in her tweet rather than the British @ASH_LDN who recognise the potential benefits of e-cigs, isn't it? It speaks volumes.

In case you were wondering, Willmott takes over £80,000 per annum plus expenses and benefits out of your taxes for being a lazy, dogma-driven, and woefully ill-informed dickhead who retches out jaw-dropping hypocrisy on Twitter.


Dragonmum said...

Wonder how many votes she and her kind cost the Labour Party? After all, there are 2.6 million of us and we all have a vote - and long memories!

Junican said...

The 'long memory' is important. It is because of our 'long memory' that we know that she is ignorant. What needs to happen is that more and more people get a 'long memory'.
The serious problem is getting these people out of government and getting their legislation reversed. Only civil disobedience will do it.

Junican said...

"70% of global lung cancer deaths are caused by tobacco. Need to combat this."

No... It has been ALLEGED that "70% bla, bla".
I have been pondering upon this matter of allegations.
Suppose that a person A is murdered in an hotel. Suppose that person X was present in the hotel at that time. It could be alleged that person X was responsible for the murder of A. But that would be a silly allegation. His mere presence does not indicate guilt. But suppose that X was the only known person in the hotel? The accusation would still only be an allegation, since the person who committed the murder might have hidden in the hotel. I fact, there might have been several persons hiding in the hotel, intent upon killing the deceased.
The McTear Case showed the paucity of evidence which might turn the allegation that smoking causes LC into fact. There is still not fact - there is only allegation.
So take the allegations regarding ecigs. It has been supposed to have been shown that ecigs can give off harmful substances like formaldehyde. Well, yes, but only if they are almost burnt to a crisp. But the idea that the amount of formaldehyde given off and inhaled is dangerous or harmful is only an allegation.
Allegations are being built upon allegations. Given enough allegations, the Earth will become flat and malaria will become caused by miasmas.

moonrakin said...

Take it you don't have much regard for the lady then Dick ? :-p

Another shallow, toxic pol trying to whip up a blizzard of shit fueled by just plain stupidity, spite and dishonest nastiness.

Labour's leader in Europe eh? just wunnerful that. She needs a bit of photoshopping on her web site image - her eyes look so far apart they might as well be on the sides of her head....

truckerlyn said...

Or sensible and bold voting!

gray cooper said...

So this is how Labour wants to connect with people. I remain disconnected from all manic tobacco controlling politicians.

truckerlyn said...

Personally I would rather be dead than live in a world she wants to create!

Old Geezer said...

All she is doing is to continue the policies of Adolf Hitler, leader of the German National Socialist Workers Party. All socialists must stick together and follow the teachings of their great leader, or they will be shot Nothing new!!!!.

Norbert Zillatron said...

That's very complicated.
It's Quantum Politics!
At this level, "cause and effect", "rhyme and reason", ... completely lose their meaning.

theprog said...

' there might have been several persons hiding in the hotel, intent upon killing the deceased. '

Potentially, 'A' seems to have been a very unpopular person. Perhaps he/or she worked for TC....

Indeed, this sounds like a case for Inspector Clouseau

'Tell me, do you have a reum?'

emma2000 said...

I heard an idiot on TV the other night say that everyone knows if you smoke you will die! And if you don't you will live forever? I just don't know where to start with these people.