Sunday 12 July 2015

Simon Chapman: World Class Comedian

This surely has to be the funniest tweet I've ever read.

This, coming from one of the world's foremost conspiracy theory-led opponents of innovative technology, e-cigs, to help smokers quit.

As if that wasn't laugh out loud hilarious enough, @Entropy72 immediately pointed out that Chappers - in his eagerness to attack a right of centre politician on Twitter - was also directly ridiculing his tobacco control colleague Mad Stan Glantz as pathetically stupid.

This, remember, is the very same Mad Stan who Chapman considered a font of wisdom when colluding with him as co-author of an attack piece against a part-time waitress from Cornwall.

I think we can all agree that Glantz is a fruitcake, but it's encouraging that Chappers has seen fit to lend his endorsement. If I'd hacked his account, I don't think I could have come up with anything as deliciously stupid as the tweet simple Simon published of his own accord.

I do believe I've said this before, and I have no reason to change my view.
Chapman is more and more becoming a cartoon character when it comes to e-cigs and harm reduction. The old dog who can't learn new tricks and howls at the moon about things he seems incapable of understanding. I would say that he should give it up because he's embarrassing himself, but I hope he carries on for a good few years yet, he's tobacco control industry comedy gold.
I know you've officially retired, Simon, but please don't stop speaking out, promise? Without a world class clown like you around, life would be that much more dull.


jude said...

Abbott is a moron, and hardly "right of centre" , more like the American "tea party", or your own corrupt Tory politicians, just as stupid and just as corrupt, so please, don't defend this idiot, even against another idiot, Chapman.

Chapman is just a narcissist, whatever topic he thinks will garner him attention, he latches onto. Whatever topic is controversial he will give his ill informed opinion. I agree he is a joke, and one that is increasingly being ignored as being over used, and stale.

jude said...

This is what the "Liberal" government in NSW is all about:

They love Chapman, he falls right into line with their "health fascism" agenda.

nisakiman said...

I'm afraid Australia is a lost cause, Jude. They have gone in a few short decades from being a 'live and let live' free society to being one of the most repressive and totalitarian in the world.

Most worryingly, people are lapping it up. They seem quite happy to trade their liberties for acceptance by the politically correct 'in' crowd. Well, it's 'progressive', innit?

jude said...

I live here, so I'll not write off my country just yet. I was trying to make the point that its not any side of politics that is the problem, both major parties support the police state, they are both totalitarian regimes. Its not about "politically correct" its not about capitalism or socialism, its not about right or left. Its about control and greed.

People are waking up from their long slumber, and I have no doubt it will be a painful awakening for many.