Tuesday, 8 December 2015

See No Evil Except When We Tell You To

'Public health', 2013:
There was a significant shift from cigarettes being displayed to the cigarette box only. It is argued that the cigarette box has absorbed the meanings associated with smoking and has become an effective vehicle for advertising. It is also argued that this can only be minimised with plain packaging.
The public must be stopped from looking at packaging!

'Public health', 2015:
The drinks industry is facing a dramatic crackdown on advertising that would ban traditional scenes of pub 'craic' and force companies to use just images of the product itself. In a bid to 'de-glamorise' drinking, the legislation is expected to state that the ads can feature only the alcoholic product, the Irish Independent has learned.
The public must be made to look at packaging!

Look guys and gals in the 'public health' racket, it's quite clear that your justifications for regulations restricting choice and liberties are just feeble excuses. So much so that you're not even being consistent or coherent anymore. Can you just cut the crap and admit that your nanny state gravy train - in every policy area where you're active - is dedicated to the achievement of only one goal. Prohibition.

Come clean, eh? You know it makes sense.

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