Thursday 10 March 2016

A Day In The Strife Of Wales

There were three interesting articles yesterday about e-cigs in Wales which give a great insight into the disconnect between the public, on one hand, and the repulsive parasites who plague us on the other.

Via the South Wales Argus:
A POLL of smokers and vapers for No Smoking Day shows that two-thirds (65 per cent) of e-cigarette users have managed to quit smoking. 
The poll found that [two thirds] (63 per cent) of e-cigarette users say they’re using them as an aid to stop smoking tobacco. 
[Mike Knapton, associate medical director at BHF, said:] "This unique study shines a light on just how popular vaping has become as an aid for smokers in Wales trying to quit and we need to listen to what is helping people the most on their path to a smoke free life."
Indeed. If - as politicians and 'public health' nags constantly insist - it is important that smokers quit, then perhaps it might be a good idea to listen to what the public says works for them. And if, as the BHF appear to suggest, e-cigs are working for many many people in Wales, surely their use should be encouraged, no?

Well, of course no, because Wales is run by feeble faggot-lipped fuckwits.

Via the BBC, also yesterday:
AMs have backed a proposed ban on e-cigarettes in some public places. 
The Welsh government has won support from some Plaid Cymru AMs for the measure after ministers watered down the ban to places where children are likely to be present.
So, just about everywhere then.

And where are self-professed friends of the vaper, ASH Wales, while all this is going on? Oh yeah, they're having orgasms over a pointless and absurd beach smoking 'ban' ... which also includes e-cigs.

No, really!
The first smoke-free beach is being trialled in a drastic bid to discourage young people from taking up the habit. 
Little Haven beach in Pembrokeshire, West Wales, is the first seaside resort in Britain to test the no-smoking signs on the sand. 
The year-long trial, which also includes e-cigarettes, comes after a YouGov survey showed 54 per cent of adults believe smoking should be banned in communal areas like parks and beaches. 
[Jamie Matthews, Deputy Chief Executive of Action on Smoking and Health, said:] “We fully welcome the smoke free beach pilot in Pembrokeshire to protect our young people from the harmful effects of tobacco.”
Note use of the word "fully" in that context. Not a cautious welcome 'but why the fuck are e-cigs that we support included?'. Nope, "fully" welcome.

In other words, you can quit smoking using e-cigs if you like - and have a good chance of being successful - but the state-funded fake charity shitsacks at ASH Wales are still very happy to bully you and 'denormalise' you anyway.

That's because, yet again, none of it has anything to do with health, merely ugly, rancid morals and salaries for sock puppet tax-spongers like ASH. If there is a hell, that's exactly where Welsh AMs and ASH Wales are headed, vile, socially-destructive, lying, self-enriching, fascist cretins that they are.

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