Tuesday 29 March 2016

Truth To Power

Warning: This article contains nails hitting heads 
You'll often read on these pages about how I believe there should be wholesale prosecutions of public health charlatans - in particular those in tobacco control - for example in the last article here.
Let's just compare something here. Say your employer lied about you to have you sacked, it would be illegal for them not to allow you your chance to debate them. 'Public health' has no such concerns, they can close businesses down on a whim and put thousands - or even millions - on the dole simply to boost their own bank accounts, and without fear of censure or financial penalty. 
The 'public health' industry is the most vile, corrosive and damaging drain on the well-being of the public that there has ever been. There is not a single person working in 'public health' today who hasn't, at some point, lied to the public and to politicians. They all, without exception, deserve to be in jail.
The reasons should be clear if you have kept a close eye on their cynical manipulation of truth and their abandonment of the well-being of the public in favour of political aspirations and their own personal financial betterment.

However, I don't think I've ever seen the tobacco control industry described more accurately than in the comments under this article by Carl Phillips. Replying to an oncologist asking why he is not enamoured with the profession, he had this to say.
Well, given that tobacco control hurt a lot of people (usually intentionally), lie to the public, undermine the credibility of the sciences they abuse, threaten the credibility of real public health, and erode modern values, I don’t think it is actually possible to be too hard on them without committing a felony (oh, and they frequently do that too).
And furthermore.
It has demonized smokers and tried (often successfully) to make them feel miserable about themselves, to take just the theme of this post, as well as compounding the harm from smoking with the harm from punitive taxes. It has aggressively blocked harm reduction efforts. It has actively promoted scientific innumeracy. It has turned large subsets of epidemiology and other sciences into utter junk. It has eroded Western values, taking us down a path where the state dictates individual choices. It has perverted the concept of public health and damaged the credibility of real public health. I could go on.

It is important to note the above when you next hear some tobacco control industry liar talk about how they are a weak, flailing David in the face of a powerful industry Goliath. It has ceased to be true around two generations ago and their appallingly destructive behaviour since is a direct result of being allowed to run rampage while any opposition has been silenced. By their bullying, of course.

If you like a drink, by the way, you should be a trifle worried that these extremely experienced socially-violent tobacco control frauds - just as their equally destructive and fanatical antecedents in Prohibition era America did in reverse nearly a century ago - are now coming after alcohol too.

We did warn you.

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