Thursday, 12 November 2009

Need To Know Basis

Via the excellent Man Widdicombe comes this strange tale of an air-brushed BBC article.

Click to enlarge the pic above or see the original here.

Now, was it a hounding from NHS Grampian which resulted in the removal of any mention of this woman's anti-alcohol project credentials? Or was it the perfectly impartial, and {cough} unbiased, BBC who decided that hypocrisy within the NHS healthist community should be kept hidden from us proles?

Mustn't have anything interfering with the new public health theology, now must we?


BTS said...

So that's what a 'government alcohol project' is. Known as a piss-up to the rest of us..

Curmudgeon said...

There was another example of "hoist with her own petard" here:

A MUM who works for an alcohol charity has been caught drink-driving TWICE - in just three months.

In fact, to be fair, this woman seems to have had a genuine, serious alcohol problem, but should people in that position really be working for "alcohol charities" anyway?

Leg-iron said...

They are keeping us free of alcohol by absorbing it all themselves.

I've had to work with the NHS in Grampian recently. The convoluted way they do things is astounding.

I would not put it past them to phone the BBC and make a few threats.

BTS said...

I'm beginning to get the impression that these alcohol 'charities' are now working in reverse. It would seem that the drinkers are now the ones offering the guidance. "You look tired. This conselling stuff must really get to you. You know what can help after a hard day? A bottle of Stoly.."