Saturday 4 February 2012

Link Tank 04/02

Unusual week, that.

Should we regulate sugar like alcohol and tobacco?

News used to be important; now it’s just well-dressed entertainment

Local, schmocal – eat what you like, author says

What kind of people have we become?

Indianapolis rushes in a smoking ban in advance of the Superbowl

Fast food chains prosper while retailers are under pressure

Massage's mystery mechanism unmasked

Australia bans theatre poster because 26 year old actress looks too young

Boston bans sales of single cigars costing less than $2.50

A gorilla playing a recorder


Angry Exile said...

No surprise about the theatre poster. This is the country that objects to porn actresses with small tits for similar reasons.

Jeff Wood said...

The guy complains that the actress looks about 13. I think it is generally agreed by those who know about these things that a Renaissance Giulietta, had she existed, would have been about that age.


alanxxxx said...

Shelley to be dug up and crucified for Romanticising English Literature!