Tuesday 28 February 2012

Release The Psychos!

Anti-smoking campaigns and laws have turned smokers into a despised underclass, a study by a Department of Health adviser warned yesterday.

It said smokers have come to be seen as disgusting and dirty and are increasingly becoming regarded as outcasts.

The vilification is also stoking up prejudice against the poor because those who are already on low incomes or at a disadvantage are most likely to be smokers, the report by Professor Hilary Graham found.
Which is then followed under the line (click 'worst rated' and display all) by a stream of bile from our society's rancid underbelly of meddlesome, finger-wagging prigs.

Thereby illustrating that there are still vast swathes of the population not sophisticated enough to realise when they're being manipulated, and so daft that they'll post comments which conclusively prove the study which they are attempting to ridicule.

Kudos to the Mail for harvesting such a rich seam of catalogue entries.

H/T Dave A


Curmudgeon said...

Yes, the comments really do prove the point, don't they?

Any bets on how long it takes before Prof. Graham gets her research grant withdrawn?

Henry Crun said...

I've just emailed Chris Snowdon regarding the 100 000 smokers that dies each year - according to dreadful Arnott.

I've checked the Office for National Statistics and in 2010, 561 666 deaths were recorded. Which means 461 666 non-smokers died that year.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Indeed. She obviously didn't get the denormalisation memo.

Jay said...

"Non-smokers die every day."  - Bill Hicks

Frank J said...

We knew the run up to the 'consultation' would be fun. Sure, they're out in force for this run up and score with the early comments, as they always do,  but look at the arrows. Always happens, as the day progresses the 'pros' start to take over and the 'antis' are left dribbling in the corner.

Steve said...

I think that someone has noticed the dent in tobacco tax income made by personal-use cigarette importers, white-van man and domestic tobacco growers. The Word has gone out to ease up on denormalisation because it is costing the Exchequer valuable cash.

SadButMadLad said...

What I do like it that the number of comments voted up outranks the negative comments that have been voted down. There is some hope out there.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

This does always seem to be the way with Mail articles, SBML. But then, we all know that anti-smoker claims are wildly exaggerated. The number of people who truly care about passive smoking is limited to the easily-manipulated or the bigoted insane. 

Lyn Ladds said...

The answer is really so simple!  Give choice - ie, smoking and non smoking venues and then these sad morons will not have to be contaminated on the streets!

Michael J. McFadden said...

LOL!  I liked this comment the best:

My doctor said I need to do something that gets me out of the pub.So I've started smoking.- Things 'aint what they used to , Birmingham, 28/2/2012 1:15==