Saturday 18 February 2012

Link Tank 18/02

In your own time.

Hawaii amends ban to allow indoor smoking again

Forget minimum pricing as a tool for tackling binge-drinking

Why does the progressive mantra fly out the window when talking about sin taxes?

Politician who wants to deny privacy is flooded with minutiae from Canadians

Six things you should never say to your mother-in-law

Fast food in North Korea quite good, apparently

The strange case of the 'Piggyback Bandit'

Ontario teachers' union calls for ban on school Wi-Fi

Why drinkers don't like organic wine

The imperilled future for chocolate

Drunken fruit flies


Mr A said...

Cool!  Great news from Hawaii!  The shape of things to come?

nisakiman said...

 It's a shame that we can't get rid of the parasites from ASH by getting drunk...

Jay said...

Great links, Dick. 

Loving Hawaii giving two fingers to the fASHists.  :)  OK, perhaps it's just the middle finger.

Does anyone apart from me hate the term "sin tax" in respect of smoking and drinking? As if to equate these lifestyle choices with real sins, such as, I dunno, murder and theft?  I would, however, strongly support the use of "sin tax" if we limited it so specifically taxing politicians for being grubby, thieving bastards.