Friday, 29 June 2012

'Highless' Marijuana - What A Bummer, Man

Here's a story about which it's hard to decide whether to laugh or cry.

While it's still full steam ahead to stamp down hard on the more popular type of smoke, the other kind - that is, marijuana consumption - has never enjoyed more of a groundswell of support for its decriminalisation and/or legalisation.

In the vanguard of the movement are those who argue that it is hugely beneficial for its pain relief properties. In hideous tobacco-hating California, for example, medical marijuana has been legal for quite a while, and recent moves have attempted to bring recreational use into the same category.

So a 'highless' marijuana crop developed by a team in Israel may come as a bit of a blow to the ageing lefty hippy generation of San Fran and environs who are campaigning so vociferously to enjoy their favoured magic smoke.

In this brave new health obsessed and medicalised world, drugs are to treat illness only, and only to be made by the pharmaceutical industry. Never must they also be enjoyed. D'you see?

Whilst I agree with their cause, perhaps the health angle isn't the best way for the pro-drugs lobby to approach cannabis legalisation anymore, now science has found a way of taking the fun out of it.

I can hear the sniggers from some of you from here. Keep it down, eh?


Edgar said...

I have nothing against Jeews: never have had. But Israelis, now there's a bunch of cheerless sourpusses. What if it's the high that does the healing, eh?

Edgar said...

Sorry about the mistype: I meant Jews, of course.

Guest said...

Hi frank. It's actually a good thing. The new strain has more CBD, which is good for relieving mental stress, depression,etc. With the THC taken out, there is less danger of psychosis. No, it won't get you high. But it might keep you on an even keel. Much rather have this, a natural medicinal herb, than Prozac, seroxat, et al.... Just my 2p... Regards.

Guest said...

Sorry to call you Frank, Dick.

Curmudgeon said...

Hee hee. I always think that if defenders of any kind of liberty start using "it's medically beneficial" as a core plank of their argument, they have in effect conceded the centre ground of the debate to their opponents.

Hope Springs said...

Chill out Dudes ,is it true ? UKBA spend 28 times more time and resources
looking for Golden Virginia than Crack Cocaine
Cool !

Blue Peter Fan Notting Hill

PS Wake me when the Olympics is over 


david said...

so...they've bred out the illegal bit eh? 

Could make a fucking fortune selling it to Andrew Marr types at Glasto.