Sunday 3 June 2012

Never In Doubt

I think he's won it so many times now they may as well let him keep it.
So I said in April, but Nanny Bloomberg seems determined to earn every monthly Reason award on the back of his own blood, sweat and tears of rancid anti-social misery-mongering.

I wonder if he's called the police about being called a "soda jerk" by a channel with so many followers?

More anti-Bloomberg fun here, and previous DP comment here.

H/T Lawson


Mark Wadsworth said...

Congrats! You made it onto the "tobaccotactics" naughty list: "They all claim to be independent from the industry, but their arguments are often similar to those of the tobacco industry."

RichardAllan said...

It's even better than that, Mark. They have separate entries for "Martin Cullip" and "Dick Puddlecote" with no suggestion that the two are one and the same!

Andy said...

Bloomberg is first and foremost a businessman. He has probably already started the production of SOYLENT BLOO, the universal food for the well-trained citizen (soon sole available food for welfare recipients - legislative basis probably being worked on at the moment). 100% autocrato-organic bullshit for the whole family & pets. Bon Appétit!