Saturday, 9 June 2012

Link Tank 09/06

Well I liked them, anyway.

Ignore the hype and nonsense, there’s a footie tournament on

How the internet killed porn

All smoke and mirrors

Amsterdam scraps rule banning drinking beer while standing

Massive rise in cannabis growing in Ireland

New French association for adult smokers has lift off

Government intervention will not solve our obesity problem

Queens forever! A modest constitutional proposal

E-cigs study shows they are an effective nicotine delivery device

Jumping spiders in space

Oi! Are you looking at my fish?


Angry Exile said...

Jumping spiders. my favourite kind. As spiders go they're actually sort of cute, and they don't seem as keen to pump you full of agony inducing venom as some of the others round here.

Churchmouse said...

Many thanks for the mention, Dick -- much appreciated!

Just a point on my post for today about parasitic advocacy groups -- a Belgian defender of smokers' liberties has written in to say that they would like to expand their pan-European group. They are certain that smokers can win this fight. For me, the key words here are 'constitutional scholars':

On their wider pan-European movement:



Churchmouse said...

* Revision to prior comment -- pan-European effort links in the post of mine which you cited. *

Again, my thanks!

moonrakin said...

The Tardis seems to be working now, there's still a slight burnt electrical smell lingering though - after landing on  Top Tips for Euro 2012 i'm wonderiing if I have an intermittent problem with the reality modulator.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Using doesn't work in Disqus, just post the URL instead. Like this. :)

moonrakin said...

Bah.. I knew that ... still did it - road to hell being paved with the assumption that since Disqus highlights the tag it works... >>dopey

It might be something in the water in the South West ... It seems that municipal PR in the area has been tasked from on high to push this nannying? Are there more examples on this specific subject from across the country?

JuliaM has picked up on something remarkably similar in Zummerzet

James Pickett said...

"the President of YouGov happens to be on the Board of Trustees of .. ASH"

No conflict of interest there, then!