Thursday 3 January 2013

It's Not Unlike Rocket Science, You Know

Here is something to make you smile from the Drinkuary site set up by Giolla last month.
"If it was just an amateur laugh, would they encourage you to write to your MP? Respond to the governement’s (sic) alcohol strategy consultation? Link you to 3 petitions? Or to drinks industry campaigns against minimum price and the beer duty escalator? 
I think I'm pretty good at spotting industry manipulation when I see it."
The dumbing down of education has obviously been so successful that it has passed into widespread public acceptance.

I mean, if an individual is capable of finding their way around the internet and understanding of the potential benefits of writing to one's MP, there's only one conclusion to make ... they must have been paid by industry to do so. They simply couldn't possibly be clever enough to imagine such complex ideas for themselves, eh?

Good grief.

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Frank J said...

Well, in their world (God help 'em) they imagine the dumb proletariat would just laugh it off, wouldn't they? Say " It's probably for the best, they know what they're doing, what can we do about it, anyway?" and trudge off in meek acceptance.

Or am I confusing it with tobacco? Can't be. We're permanently told the two things are not linked.