Thursday 24 January 2013

Piers Morgan And BBC Wise Monkeys

Piers has been describing investigative journalism in the Standard.
“To get to the truth when a lot of people in public bodies and political figures and so on are lying and obfuscating, deliberately hiding and misleading, sometimes journalists have to play dirty too; and to pretend otherwise I think is ridiculous,” he told PBS interviewer Charlie Rose.
But then, Piers didn't work in the BBC health team where it's perfectly acceptable to believe every misleading, lying or obfuscating 'story' and present it unquestioningly. Seeing and hearing no evil in the most biased of press releases is the name of the game for our state-funded broadcaster.

And even when they pretend to 'investigate', they fuck it up.

Internationally respected news service? Yeah, right.


Jaycas said...

I recently talked to people who were former local press journalists who told me that, in the profession, BBC journalists are regarded as those who can't hack it (sorry) anywhere else.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Hard not to believe that, really. It's probably fair to say that they're not allowed the licence that proper journos could demand from private funds.

c777 said...

I don't think for a moment he realises what a "hornets nest" he has stirred.
Something to do with the second , something or other I believe.
None of my business really, still, some stick the nose in where its not wanted eh?

What the.... said...

Meanwhile, back in the other Cuckoo Land:
Greenlick Files Bill to Make Cigarettes a Prescription-Only Drug

moonrakin said...



Several years ago my dad's model aircraft club (yeah... ) who mowed the grass, mended the fences, installed gates and disabled access and had full public liability insurance had the "rental" on their two "electric flying pitches" (bits of grass too small for footy ) hiked from a token £50/year to £1100/year by the grasping gits at the local council.

When approached about this and the documented, uncompromisingly belligerent sticky finger-edness of the municipal bandits - the BBC informed me that BBC editorial guidelines excluded the coverage of such stories if the council involved refused to comment.

Needless to say the Electric Flight club eventually simply didn't pay and individuals still use the public space much as they have done - but maintenance etc goes by the board.

These editorial guideline definitely also extends to the NHS etc. etc.

Ministry of Truth ? - Eric Arthur Blair (no relation I assume) must be spinning so fast he could replace all the wind turbines.....


Tony said...

I would regard them as weak willed and not really true to the nature of their profession as a true journalist because they all follow the agenda to the letter in everything they say and do. That's why they all have to suck up to the Royals (hearing them do that makes me nauseous), keep repeating the global warming scam, be anti-smoking, anti-alcohol etc. etc.

Not one of them has a backbone because if they did they wouldn't be working for the BBC.

James Strong said...

This knocking of the BBC is all very well but if you cofine your complaint to the BBC's behaviour you are kidding yourselves about the nature of journalism.
SkyNews are just as bad at churnalism. 24 hour news channels have got 24 hours to fill, and there is not enouh real news to do that, so they recycle press releases and arrange PR reports at outside broadcasts.
If you doubt that then explain how breakfast TV can show outdoor reports filmed in full dalight. That's not news, it's PR and it happens all over.
If you want to complain about the smoking/asthma report on the BBC, which I'll agree was misleading,in order to complain about bias at the BBC then please show which other MSM outlets treated the story differently.

prog said...

Other MSM outlets do not require a compulsory licence to access their 'news'. Don't like the DM for example, then don't buy it. But if you own a telly, you have no legal choice to opt out of paying for BBC propaganda, even if you choose not to watch it. The BBC has failed in its duty to represent those who fund it.

moonrakin said...

I don't think anybody doubts the poisonous nature of most of the meejah (print + broadcast) - what irks me about the BBC is that they are PAID to do it differently - but - they play the "me too" game a lot and spice that up 'orribly with promoting a range of fashionable bien pensant "in house" PC prejudices to the point where it's beyond parody.

Add to that - if was employing somebody as a news reader - for £70k++ a year - I'd expect them to know that Rio de Janiero is in Brazil and not parrot that it's in Argentina 3 times in an hour as i witnessed not long ago on BBC News 24.

The BBC are absolutely taking the piss.