Saturday 26 January 2013

Why Should Responsible Drinkers Pay More?

Earlier this week, I suggested a few options for responding to the consultation on the coalition's David Cameron's plan for minimum alcohol pricing. I'd still urge you to consider submitting your thoughts via the online form at this page but, if you don't have the time or the inclination, there is now a simpler medium by which to object.

Under the tag line "Why should responsible drinkers pay more?", a new website is being launched on Tuesday with user-friendly 'click and send' methods of notifying your MP that you ain't happy.
The drinks industry is to launch the first consumer-facing campaign to mobilise mass opposition to the government's minimum unit pricing plans.

The Wine & Spirit Trade Association has galvanised the support of major supermarkets and drinks brands to launch a consumer campaign under the "Why Should Responsible Drinkers Pay More" banner. A dedicated website is due to go live next Tuesday. Retail backers include Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrisons with drinks suppliers on board including SAB Miller and Diageo.

The site will include information about how minimum unit pricing will affect beer wines and spirits products and tell consumers how to send a letter calling for their MP's support on the issue. It will be backed by a radio and PR campaign.
While functionality is reportedly not 100% before Tuesday's launch (e.g. Mudgie found the Facebook link not to be working yet),  there is plenty to admire about the site, so do go and have a good look around it.

In the meantime, considering these things are generally embargoed until one minute past midnight on a certain date, I look forward to waking up to read news reports from a more liberal perspective on Tuesday morning for a change.

And seeing as we now know it is on its way, I'll have my own small contribution lined for then too, I expect. Watch this space.


Lou said...

I note Tesco have not added their name to the list of opponents. Quite possibly because they rather proudly display the fact that they support one charity.... CRUK

Ivan D said...

Tesco stand to profit of course. I don't shop there because the food offering these days is of poor quality. I know a couple of people who work there and their comments on management attitude are another good reason to avoid the place. Add in Lou's revelation together with their stance on minimum pricing and I see no reason at all to set foot through their doors. I feel positively left wing when I talk about a second rate company that puts profits before people or quality but unfortunately actual left wing MPs and activists are too scared of the supermarkets to attack them so go after the manufacturers instead. It isn't the brewers and distillers who drive down the prices of alcohol and the food manufacturers are not solely responsible for the content of their products. Both are of course influenced by what the big retailers will accept and pay for.

Giolla Decair said...

"the first consumer-facing campaign to mobilise mass opposition to the government's minimum unit pricing plans"
- not exactly the first but certainly better funded - unimpressed of :)