Tuesday 2 April 2013

Dullards Agitated By Nutter

I've seen some daft crap spouted by political types in my time, but this Paolo DiCanio stuff has got to be some of the most mind-boggling ever.

So, something that happened nearly 8 years ago is brought out to try to say that he is some kind of "far-right neo-Nazi"?

This is the guy who once said ...
"When I scored that goal to knock out Manchester United, it was a very exciting moment. “It was like having sex with Madonna."
Who has also claimed that he wants to "finish each game sweating and bleeding" and, to continue his sex metaphors.
"I'm so exciting - every time I play, the fans want to have sex with me."
His former Manager describes him as "mad" and "barmy".

His view of English footballers is from some 1970s stereotype comedy film ...
"Doping in English football," he writes in Il Ritorno, "is restricted to lager and baked beans with sausages. After which the players take to the field, belching and farting."
... and, of course, he is utterly crazy when it comes to betting, if this is to believed.
"You always call me the 'Mad Italian', so I will bet all of what I've got [on Sunderland avoiding relegation], for sure, because I am sure that I am capable,"
Hey! Hold your horses, Mackems, I meant the odds aren't worth the punt at a best of 1/2. It wasn't a slur on the chances of SAFC. {cough} Honest!  

Only the dullest minds in the corridors of Westminster, Whitehall, Wapping and Salford could possibly treat what this man says seriously, let alone try to make it into a political, ahem, football. We're not talking some charismatic political philosopher on the verge of turning the whole of Sunderland into a bubbling mass of black-shirted rallies, it's just Paolo Di-fucking-Canio and his renowned fault of engaging mouth before brain.

What an utter waste of the column inches and airwaves today. 

But then, I suppose wonks, broadcasters and politicos are all a bit bored and desperate for attention now Brussels runs just about anything of importance.


Simon Cooke said...

Paolo can be forgiven almost anything for this alone (and not jusy because I was there and am a Hammer):

Simon Cooke said...

Paolo di Canio can be forgiven almost anything for this goal


Ivan D said...

I think that you will find that the BBC and a specialist in gesture
politics without substance have done their level best to make sure that
this non-story dominated the news. The pseudo-politician in question
will leave these shores in order to earn a small fortune working for a
"charity". Unfortunately we are stuck with the BBC who would no doubt
not have given a damn if DeCanio had unfurled a hammer and sickle whilst announcing that Lenin was a misunderstood compassionate genius. I am no fan of Mussolini but I do believe that Lenin's undemocratic and despotic rule killed more people than Mussolini and Franco combined.
This is probably acceptable within certain BBC circles on the grounds
that those killed by Lenin were all "counter revolutionaries" or "bourgeois
enemies of the state." Clearly the same BBC clique also believe that
DeCanio is fair game based on something that he did 8 years ago as a
young(ish) football player. If he was standing for political office I
would understand the relevance but he isn't so it is just an excuse for talentless people to abuse the license fee playing politics. I don't like fascists but the double standards practiced by some elements at the BBC are nausea inducing and the guy is a football manager for heavens sake!

Ivan D said...

The rude journalist who insisted on turning the Sunderland FC press conference into a political forum was Dan Roan. Only the BBC could employ a man with a degree in Political Science from Cambridge as a sports correspondent. He is tweeting away unrepentant but a quick check on Sunderland FC message boards suggests that the faithful are less than happy with him. Not that you would find that out from the BBC of course.

Last year Roan was banned by Manchester City because he allegedly misrepresented a player and stirred up controversy between the two Manchester clubs despite a request from the player involved not to do so.

Roan is defending himself from angry Sunderland tweets on the grounds that he was doing his job. He clearly believes that his job is making news rather than reporting sport.

Ivan D said...

The Times has added a bit of balance by running an article written by someone who actually knows Di Canio and co-wrote his autobiography. The BBC has less helpfully provided a guide to Sunderland, Di Canio and Italian fascism. The BBC does admit that Di Canio has said some negative things about Mussolini but uses the opportunity to make sure that everyone knows the views of the local left wing activists who they have spared no effort in rousing into action through their ridiculously over the top reporting.

Apologies for the excessive number of comments but I am quite angry. The BBC blatantly pursues agendas and is now making headline news out of nothing much at all, possibly because someone is upset that nobody gives a toss about David Miliband's views on anything very much.

I will shut up and behave now.

Ivan D said...

I know that I said I'd shut up but this is too good not to mention. The BBC is still running a HYS on Di Canio and getting utterly and deservedly panned by its readership:


It transpires that it actually employed Di Canio as a columnist as late as August 2012


You could not make this up. Sheer stupidity combined with clumsy and inappropriate left wing politics from an allegedly impartial broadcaster.

Colonel Shotover said...

Please don't call fascists right-wing. They're a bunch of socialists as is obvious despite the best efforts of left wing propagandists to hide the fact.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Don't apologise. You're helping me to understand why the BBC thought this ridiculous non-story was worth flooding their content with.

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Oh, I'm more than acutely aware of that. I was trying to convey the motivation behind those making the most noise - it probably required inverted commas which I've now added. :)

moonrakin said...

I'm inclined to believe that the narcissistic conceited f-wit Miliband and his PR mates contirved this one up a while back when he decided to spend more time with his ego at International Rescue - this was orchestrated ...