Saturday 13 April 2013

Link Tank 13/06

Here y'are.

Maggie the moderate

She snatched my milk

Margaret Thatcher and Scotland: A story of mutual incomprehension

It's hard to get a beer in North Korea

Banning says more about the banners than the banned

Mexico bans salt shakers from restaurant tables

Dutch fast food shops to serve cannabis mayonnaise

The rise of ethical porn

South African authorities plan to ban vuvuzelas

Kidney beans vs bed bugs


Jeff Wood said...

Nowhere near the topics above, but I just glanced over Amanda Platell's column in the Mail, and found:

"Caught smoking, mung-bean-munching Gwyneth Paltrow says: ‘It’s what makes life - finding the balance between cigarettes and tofu.’"

A profound observation, I feel.

moonrakin said...

The crafty wurzels of Wiltshire cottoned to The Great NorK beer famine some time ago (after the shameful asset stripping of a reasonably successful provincial brewer) and the results can be seen from a spy satellite!


An overview of an unlikely tale.....

The team sent over to dismantle the brewery were a queer crew - to be sure. Parades were held with lustily delivered patriotic songs morning and evening - although it didn't take long for the NorKs to sneak out to the local pub of an evening after the political commissar had nodded off and were amazed (astounded) that there was a social life outside of the People's Army...