Thursday 18 April 2013

Public Health: Proud Enemies Of Freedom

Neatly following on from yesterday's article on the misapplication of Baroness Thatcher's "no such thing as society" quote, it appears again in a Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (SHAAP) document published on Monday [pdf].

Proving yet again that modern public health is more a vehicle for far left agitprop than impartial and sober evidence provision, SHAAP publishes this astounding paragraph on page 9.
[...] there is an increasing antagonism by some against any form of regulation, aligned with the cult of individual responsibility, rejection of the so-called ‘nanny state’ and promotion of the idea of individual freedom, and indeed ‘there is no such thing as society’. This is accompanied by a conviction that it is the right of all to be free to make money, and that the ‘creation of wealth’ is essential to national prosperity.
Now, quite apart from exhibiting their ignorance over the aforementioned Thatcher quote in question - rubbished by the Bishop of London yesterday - the language employed makes their agenda very clear.

Those believing in individual responsibility are a 'cult' apparently and the promotion of individual freedom somehow wrong. Presumably, they mean that we should all bow down to unfettered state control of every aspect of our lives. This would explain perfectly why Scottish anti-alcohol campaigners are keen to discard democratic and judicial process entirely.

And, sorry, but it really is the right of all to be free to make money in any country which isn't an oppressive dictatorship. It is also undeniable that creation of wealth is essential to national prosperity - it's a global economic fact. Anyone who thinks otherwise should think about packing their bags and going live with Kim Jong Un's lot.

Far from cherishing freedom, the 21st century public health movement is not only transparently working to destroy it, but also proud of themselves for doing so.


JonathanBagley said...

From now on, refer to them in all comments as the "Fascist Public Health Industry". It's accurate, as those who looked it up following the Paolo Di Canio incident are now aware and, as with the phrase "Anti Tobacco Industry", they will hate it.

Sam Duncan said...

“the cult of individual responsibility”

The f#@*%in' WHAT? I've almost got used to them calling individual liberty a “cult”, but responsibility? These people have now clearly identified themselves as a serious danger to the public.

Sam Duncan said...

Oh, and putting “creation of wealth” in scare quotes not only compounds the offence, but shows them to be as thick as three short planks into the bargain.

Dick_Puddlecote said...


Wes Sexwater said...

I'm leftish and I've done public health research, but goodgoddygod, "This is accompanied..." is as clueless a sentence as I've read in a while. Sam, I doubt we'd agree on much, but the quote marks are indeed facepalmy.