Saturday 7 September 2013

"Companies Whose Profit Is Money"

It took some time, but one of Scotland's leading tobacco control industry spokespeople has finally condemned NICE's June decision to endorse long term use of nicotine replacement therapy as a way of cutting down on tobacco.
Sheila Duffy, chief executive of Ash Scotland, said: "I am disappointed by the NICE decision. Patches and gum are much safer than tobacco, but they are produced by companies whose profit is money and these companies are looking for long term use to provide that profit. 
"Addiction, in whatever form, is not a good state for people to be in."
Not really, she was talking about something else, the odious hypocrite.


castello said...

I love to throw this link at folks like this. From 2009 but still relevant.

CyZane said...

From Castello's 2009 article:

''For years, researchers have maintained that nicotine is the cause of tobacco addiction.

But Killeen said new evidence suggests otherwise.''

This is not new evidence. Pr. Molimard has been saying this for at least two decades if not three. ''The big fraud in the tobacco issue was none other than the publication
of the 1988 Surgeon General Report entitled “Nicotine Addiction’’. This
fraud is incomprehensible unless one sees the link with the launch of
the nicotine gum.....'' (read from the Medication Enterprises onward if you don't have the time to read the whole thing). Elsewhere, Molimard explains how in his lab tests he simply could not get mice to press levers to get their nicotine fix. The only time they would do it is when there was a lights and sound show to go along with it, suggesting that smoking is a behavioral psychological dependence rather than a physical addiction to nicotine.

Even Fagerstrom, the father of the nicotine addiction test now admits as much now. ''

Sam Duncan said...

“companies whose profit is money”

Er... yeah? I'm utterly baffled as to what point she thinks she's trying to make here. It's as if her brain stem is just spewing out things she doesn't like at random. “Aaarrgh! Cigarettes! Companies! Profit! Money! Noooooooo!” Go to a committee or a “workshop” or something, dear. You'll feel better. Plenty of other people's money flushed down the pan, and you'll be right as rain. I'm sure you can give it up whenever you like, of course...

As for Stewart Maxwell, one of the plastic MPs - “The whole campaign to ban smoking in public places was about de-normalising smoking as an activity in public.” - I know what I'd like to “denormalize”, you sanctimonious wee nyaff. Why do we put up with this totalitarian insanity?

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Indeed, I thought they told us the ban was about protecting bar staff. When did that change?

Dick_Puddlecote said...

Fagerstrom is now one of the biggest supporters of e-cigs, by the way.